Capacity Building

Promoting Stability, Increasing Local Capacity

Valley Associates works exclusively with vetted government agencies around the globe, providing capacity building and project development. Our advisory services play a vital role in conflict resolution and stabilization operations. Our experience establishes the foundation of promoting discipline, human rights and rule of law, which is the underpinning of our approach and methodology. Without a solid organizational foundation a sustainable and professional security posture is not attainable. Our team works with agencies to develop a focused and results driven training program that will ensure a tactical and operational advantage over emerging threats. By providing programs instructed by subject matter experts, we assist organizations with increasing operator survivability and effectiveness.

We understand the challenges facing developing countries, specifically the adverse economic and political effects of regional instability. We have worked throughout Africa, Afghanistan and the America’s training police, military and intelligence agencies. We are well versed in what is required to support regional security, prosperity and governance.

Our experience includes:

• Military
• Police
• Special Forces
• Counter Terrorism Teams
• Intelligence Agencies
• Border Security
• Presidential Guards