Energetic Material Training

Valley Associates offers the following courses:

• Hazardous Environment Training (HET)
• Hazardous Material Handling (HMH)
• HME and Improvised Explosive Level 2 (HME/IE2)
• Vehicle Borne IED Disposal (VBIEDD)
• Assault IED Disposal
• Method of Entry (MoE)
• Advanced IED Disposal (AAIED)
• Basic IED Disposal (BIEDD)
• Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)
• Commercial Explosives (COMEX)
• Mine Awareness
• Explosive Search
• Advanced Manual Techniques (AMTECH)

Valley Associates provides complete training solutions to pre-qualified clients whose Specialists are involved in detection and disposing of explosives; countering improvised devices and landmines; and searching for concealed weapons, contraband and other prohibited items.