Libervit Orangeline


The ORANGEline range is a part of the LIBERVIT brand which means quite literally means “free quickly”. The range is composed of hydraulic extraction tools used by rescue teams, such as the fire brigade or Civil Protection units. These tools enable the teams to rescue not only car, rail and air accident victims, but even those trapped in collapsed buildings following an earthquake, in mining or other industrial accidents.

Libervit have seen the extraction tool market grow extensively over the last 20 years with a great number of renowned constructors offering different solutions, the majority, top-performance tools of high quality, but the offer remains limited with often only the brand name or colour changing, with the exception of a few interesting technical innovations here and there.

Libervit distinguishes themselves from the other manufacturers by being the only ones on the market to offer innovation and a completely different concept to the range of products, specialised in restricted and difficult access operations.

Libervit's aim is to offer an unlimited range of products, similar to those already on offer in the sector, but to go one step further in defining requirements with precision, finding the missing element and improving the range of products to meet all requirements, that most constructors overlook.

The ORANGEline range will meet all your requirements in terms of mobility and silence, necessary during operations to avoid causing additional stress to victims. It is also the best offer in terms of non-pollution in restricted or confined areas.

Libervit's ORANGEline range includes hydroelectric or heat engine power units, cutters and spreading jacks, all approved through day-to-day use by professionals. Also available in the range are top-performance door breachers, a result of Libervit's 10 years of experience in supplying all categories of door breachers to the police and armed forces throughout the world.