Large Scale Projects

Valley Associates - Global Security Corporation (VAGSC) is a privately owned Canadian Corporation that has been in continuous operation for 24 years. The primary business model revolves around the Defence and Public Security sector with numerous large and important programs to our credit. We have significant expertise in source selection, project management, design engineering services, as well as, contract and sub contract support. Valley Associates provides integrated solutions to both the public and private sectors through its representation of global defense companies and security providers.

Over the years, Valley Associates has gained a reputation as a Corporation that can be relied on in situations that require innovative solutions to objectives that are often shrouded in secrecy or require the utmost in diplomacy and sensitivity. All of our employee’s and consultants carry no less than a “Secret Level II” security clearance; as well our facilities are cleared to NATO Secret II.

1. U.S Department of State; 6 year program (1999-2005) Valley Associates provided threat and vulnerability assessments on targeted facilities in identified conflicted areas.

2. New York/New Jersey Port Authority; Valley Associates was a major consultant (Black Program) that provided Threat and Vulnerability assessment and solution design work for a US Agency in support of the NY/NJ Port Authority

3. RCMP Integrated Boarder Enforcement Team (IBET) and The Department of Homeland Security; (Black Program) Valley Associates designed and deployed unified communications capability.

4. Colombian National Security Agencies (Black Project) VA is currently working with Government and commercial security agencies in Columbia and Panama providing procedures, process improvement, training, design and development of integrated solutions as it relates to criminal activity and insurgency

5. Darfur Conflict Valley Associates sources and delivered vehicles and equipment during the Darfur conflict in support of the United Nations efforts in the region.

Currently, Valley Associates Global Security Corporation continues to grow with a strong footprint in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Valley Associates Corporation is a Trace International certified Corporation.