4500 Lumen Worklight


LED work light for universal use. Can be adapted to vehicles with 12 V and 24 V electrical system either directly via magnet support, or as stand-alone version with accumulator and wind resistant tripod. Close and long range illumination as well as a combination of both are available. The 115/4500 Worklight is a combination of a professional, energy-efficient and heavy-duty purposed LED work light together with a versatile powering and mounting system. Next to 4500 Lumen luminous flux with daylight-like 6.300° K per light are unique features that are indespensable during operation and training All components are waterproof, corrosion resistant, EMV-tested, radio noise suppressed and resistant against mechanical vibration and shock.

Irrespective whether for military, police, firefighters, emergency forces or even civilian users, the mobile work light provides many hours of reliable, daytime-like illumination. The LED work light 115/4500 is a compact, modern and high-performance device with 16 LEDʻs. The product has been designed for heavy-duty applications. A rock-solid aluminium housing together with a hardened polycarbonate front lens plus stainless steel mounting bracket ensure a maximum of reliability.

  • High-end and extremely powerful 4500 Lumen LED Work Light, using latest LED technology
  • Heavy duty design
  • Long lifespan, certified for 30,000 h for electronics and LEDs
  • Shock and vibration proof up to 40 G
  • Water and dust proof with IP6K9K and IP68 ratings
  • Highly adaptable, quick change lens allow long range or close range illumination
  • Energy efficient with a low power draw of 45 Watts
  • Solid aluminium housing, hardened and impact resistant polycarbonate front lens and stainless steel brackets
  • Electronic temperature control
  • EMC tested, radio noise suppression and protection against mixed polarity